Wedding, Events, Party

RTP  is your perfect and outstanding choice for weddings, deb balls or any type of specialized private or public event. We have the experiance after playing many wedding receptions, deb balls and corporate events to make sure that your event is totally trouble free to you and to take care of any and all of the important details with and for you.

Relax and Enjoy the Show

Weddings take a great deal of attention to perfection and flexibility of scheduling and that is our absolute specialty. R.T.P.’s ¬†primary goal (we acheive this each and every time) is that we will make your special day perfect and that R.T.P. will also work flawlessly with your planner ( if you use one). If you don’t use a planner we will be happy to take care of this important aspect of your reception and have on many occcasions. This way you can leave every single detail to us so you and your family can just enjoy and have fun!

We are Flexible

Right to Party Band will handle all of the emcee and introduction responsibilites, as well as providing your family and guests with a wirelsss mike for toasts, introducing the cake cutting, boquet toss, garter toss and any other additions to your program you may have in mind. We are also capable of making any last minute changes that may unexpectedly happen and incredibily flexible on this and the sets and hours that we play.

Cables? Never Heard of Them

To add the final touch to the fantastic look and ambience of your event, we provide the very most up to date and smallest digital audio and lighting technology to assure the finest production possible. Our PA system is totally digital and run by an award winning audio designer/ producer via Ipad. This means there are zero cables ( other than a very few on the stage) in the way of your audience and that our audio designer can freely move about the room with Ipad to always keep the volume and audio performance at the perfect level in any venue without disturbing any of your guests. We freely adadpt to the existing decor of your event as well.